Fundraising by The Nest Nursery

FBFJ would like to thank The Nest Nursery at Pype Hayes Children’s Centre, Erdington for organising some stalls at Gunter’s School Summer Fete.

Staff from the Nursery manned three stalls in total: a Muscular Dystrophy stall selling cakes, balloons and pin badges; a Frozen themed sweet and cake stall and also a Tombola stall.  Staff either wore t-shirts supplied by the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign or Frozen inspired costumes.

In total, the Nursery raised £469.54p!!  We can’t thank the The Nest Nursery enough for their support and fund raising efforts so far.

Please see some photos below.

sthe_nest_nursery_01 the_nest_nursery_08 the_nest_nursery_02 the_nest_nursery_06 the_nest_nursery_03




The Dorridge Fun Run – WE DID IT!

Team FBFJ had a great morning taking part in the Dorridge Fun Run.

We met Charlotte and the Knowle & Dorridge Team from the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign who provided our T-shirts –Thank you!

Matthew, Matt and Robert ran the 8 mile course with the remainder of us running, walking and pushing prams round the 3 mile course.

The turn out for the day was brilliant and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Bring on the Fun Run in 2015.

Dorridge_Fun_Run_02- Team FBFJ


The Dorridge Fun Run is almost upon us!

Team FBFJ is taking part in the Dorridge fun run tomorrow (15th June) and there are mixed emotions in the camp.  Whilst everyone is motivated to take part and raise awareness of Muscular Dystrophy, some are more prepared than others!

My Husband Matt went for a 5 mile run this morning and is brimming with confidence. Jack’s Uncles Matthew and Rob haven’t trained at all but are still going to tackle the 8 mile course and expect to be sipping on a pint before the rest make it round.

I’m going to be making steady progress with my sister Jane on the 3 mile course.  I’m sure i’ll start off having a nice chat with Jane but when we hit that 2 mile mark, I imagine we’ll both be too busy puffing to be able to get any words out.

Even Jack is getting involved and he is going to be accompanying his grandparents on the 3 mile course and taking a gentle stroll.  Finally Jack’s Uncle Russell is going to be bringing up the rear and pushing young Noah.  Russell is hoping that there are no hills to climb and Noah is hoping that there are no hills to slide back down if his daddy collapses.


- Emma x